Digitizer Workshop 01

SSSDW01.2 -03 $30.00

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The second edition includes the DVD only.  The first edition of this DVD included a printed booklet.  That is now included on the DVD as a PDF so you can print the booklet or view on a computer.



Digitizer Workshop is a video magazine about how to make embroidery designs.  Digitizer Workshop 01 is the first of a collectable series that includes a booklet and a DVD disk with designs and instructional video.  Watch the video and see just how easy it is to make your own beautiful embroidery.  The well illustrated 20 page booklet showcases the contents of the disk.  Digitizer Workshop is a great introductory step for a beginner and also a valuable resource for the experienced designer.  There are over 4 hours of video on the disk and 20 beautiful embroidery designs.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Object Based embroidery
  • Types of fill and line stitches
  • Density and Stitch length
  • Types of underlay
  • Shortened stitches and stitch angle
  • Pathing, Layering, Overlapping
  • Automatic and hands on digitizing
  • Blending Color and open density

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