Digitizer Workshop 08 – Final Download

These are the topics of the recordings  that were sent in the DW08-08-Final.zip.


1)DW08-08-Corner Scroll – Recording is 1hr and 40 minutes.  Watch Trevor digitize this corner scroll from start to finish.  The design is large and requires two hoopings to complete.  Trevor uses multi hooping to create the design.  See how to print a template and use the clothsetter markings to sew this large design with perfect alignment.

2)DW08-08-Pricing – Recording is 29 minutes long.  This video is about how to price embroidery digitizing.  If you are interested in digitizing other peoples artwork into embroidery this video will help you understand how to price your work.

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4 Responses to Digitizer Workshop 08 – Final Download

  1. LoisWms says:

    I have been wanting to try digitizing run line designs such as redwork or sketching. I just watched the video you made about digitizing the scroll. It was a little long, but I really appreciated the way you explained your preparation and your thought process as you digitized the design. I didn’t mind the “dead” air as I could see what you were doing.
    You mentioned that you would change the stitches from single line to triple stitch, but I can’t see that you did. Would that change both stitching lines to triple stitch?
    Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
    Lois in DE

    • Trevor says:

      Hi Lois

      Thanks for your question. I just looked at .JAN file and all of the lines are still single run line. I didn’t re listen to the class right now so I am not exactly sure what I said in the class. When you do line work single run line is the most but you can also use the other stitch options like triple or back stitch. Most lines are sewn twice in line work like outlines or red work because it allows you to travel around a design without making any jumps. If you use single run line you would call that two ply run stitch and if you use a triple stitch you would have six ply run stitch. Six ply is pretty heavy and may not sew as well as two ply. In the case of the scroll design in the video I sewed my sample in two ply and used a heavy wt thread (30wt) to make the line a little more bold in the stitch out.
      Best of luck with your line work designs. Trevor

  2. jeri brown says:

    i would like to join your class on 7/18/11 would you please send me the link

    thank you


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