DigiTalk 12f – Class Review

DigiTalk 12f – Wednesday May 23rd, 2012 – Live class with Trevor Conquergood about using Janome Digitizer Software.  Class recording and designs are included on the Digitizer Workshop 12 DVD.

DigiTalk 12f – Class Review – Recording is 1hr 58 minutes.

Animal Challenge

Trevor introduced this challenge in the class DT12d when he digitized the design of “Miss chief” who is a cute little kitty.  Then in DT12e Trevor digitized “Biscuit” the boxer and “Bert” the beta fish.  Members were invited to digitize a design of an animal and send in the design and photo for review in this class.

Class topics / designs for review

  1. Squirrel by Julie Wind
  2. Zebra by Stephanie Buckingham
  3. Crab, Fish, Butterfly and Dog by Floyd Smith
  4. Teddy the dog by Charlene Coffee
  5. Penguins by Jenny Hart
  6. Cow by Edith Ziegler
  7. Tiangi by Lucie Gingras Paquin
  8. Brutus by Eleanor Best
  9. Butterfly by Suzanne Jones
  10. Parker the Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier by Lois Williams
  11. Micro by Maggie Cooper
  12. Ginger and Meg by Cassie Black
  13. Teddy Bear by Kathy Finch
  14. Chick with Egg Cap by Connie McCracken
  15. English Spaniel by Teresa May
  16. Dove by Rankin Speakman
  17. Mrs Jerzi by Toni Haukom
  18. Chinese Dragon by Trevor Conquergood





Below are some of the photos received for the Animal Design Challenge.  

Members of Digitizer Workshop were sent the file on Friday May 25th, 2012.  Members who join after that date can purchase the DW12 DVD to receive the class recording and files.  Contact Trevor for more information.


1)Squirrel by Julie Wind

Starts at approx. 05:30 of the video.




2)Zebra by Stephanie Buckingham

Starts at approx. 11:30 of the video.





3)Crab, Fish, Butterfly and Dog by Floyd Smith

Starts at approx. 04:00 of the video.




4)Teddy by Charlene Coffee

Starts at approx. 30:20 of the video.





5)Penguins by Jenny Hart

Starts at approx. 35:45 of the video.





6)Cow by Edith Ziegler

Starts at approx. 39:00 of the video.





7)Tiangi by Lucie Gingras Paquin

Starts at approx. 43:00 of the video.





8)Brutus by Eleanor Best

Starts at approx. 49:00 of the video.





9)Butterfly by Suzanne Jones

Starts at approx. 54:00 of the video.





10)Parker by Lois Williams

Starts at approx. 1:00:40 of the video.





11)Micro by Maggie Cooper

Starts at approx. 1:10:00 of the video.

Maggie has donated this design to a charity to help cats. Please use this link to learn more about the charity and how to donate/purchase this design.


12)Ginger and Meg by Cassie Black

Starts at approx. 1::15:00 of the video.





13)Teddy Bear by Kathy Finch

Starts at approx. 1:18:30 of the video.





14)Chick with Egg Cap by Connie McCracken

Starts at approx. 1:21:30 of the video.




15)English Spaniel by Teresa May

Starts at approx. 1:25:00 of the video.





16)Dove by Rankin Speakman

Starts at approx. 1:33:20 of the video.





17)Mrs Jerzi by Toni Haukom

Starts at approx. 1:38:30 of the video.





18)Chinese Dragon by Trevor Conquergood

Starts at approx. 04:00 of the video.







Would you like to make a comment about this class?  Please post comments and questions here.

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